Linux for SGI Visual Workstations
Linux 2.2.10 + Red Hat 6.0

July 28, 1999

What's new?

Newest stuff:

Audio! [28jul99]

Proper probing of CPUs in SMP startup... 4 cpu 540 appears to work fine [26jul99]

Unified ARC+EXT2FS bootloader [13jul99]

Qlogic 1080 driver. You can now standalone install on a 540 with its native SCSI disk or a 320 using the Qlogic 1080 card and SCSI disk as the boot disk. [8jul99]

Driver software for /dev/fb on the flat panel (1600sw) is also included here.

Some bug fixes from s/w found on previous editions of this website. Such as:

  1. SOME PCI cards now will work

    But, SOME PCI cards are known not to work.

  2. CAN use IDE devices on either IDE bus

    There's no need to open up the case to rewire anything inside your Visual Workstation just to install Linux.

  3. CAN run on machines that had spontaneous reset/power-off problems in the past